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Have you ever wanted to contribute to your

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Cynthia’s desire for great knowledge and her determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success with Geography Coach. She provides online course for those who would love to ‘Work From Home and Empower Children’. Meanwhile, helping everyone gain a strong knowledge of World Geography.  Knowledge is Happiness!

She currently lives her dream lifestyle in her country home where she runs her business and occasionally goes on great adventures and lives out of her suitcase. She loves traveling the World in two ways, ‘Armchair Travel’ and ‘Real-Life Travel’!

She is an ambassador for Home-Based Businesses and greatly understands its benefits for the Family, Community and Environment. She is currently reaching out to people across Canada, the United States and around the World to join the FUN in learning World Geography and sharing it with the next generation.  Her motto: LEARN & SHARE!

After more than eighteen years of management and administrative experience overseeing business operations and five years of supervising employee performance, she decided to use her creativity and abilities to put her mark on the World. She knew instinctively that it would be with her passion of World Geography and with her experience in business management.

Cynthia did not receive an education in World Geography, instead she taught herself. 

"People often ask how I started on this path of training people on how to tutor World Geography.

As a young professional, I had absolutely no knowledge of World Geography. I felt very lost when a name of a place was mentioned. I couldn’t participate in most social conversations.

My decision to teach myself was born out of the frustration over my lack of knowledge of World Geography. I remember exactly how I felt when I decided to take on this venture. I was faced with the challenge of learning a complex topic. The question 'Where will I start?' weighed heavily. But eventually I found a system to teach myself and it moved from a project, to a hobby, to a passion.

When I reached the level of passion, there was such an intense thrill and excitement in learning this material that I couldn’t wait to finish supper. I would bring my food upstairs so that I could continue learning. That’s the level of passion that I am talking about!

And the more I learned, the more I would see that people, many people, were 

geographically illiterate. 

“For example, most people know of the 

Himalayas and the Pacific Ocean. 

But most people don’t know where the Himalayas are in relation to the Pacific Ocean.” 

I realized that I was not the only one. And, I kept discerning, over and over, that ‘People need to know this. People REALLY need to know their World Geography!’ 

Every business starts with an idea and that is how I started with Geography Coach."

"Today, I walk around with a 

Mental Map of the World

feeling so blessed with this knowledge."

I never want to go back to the days when I did not know my World Geography!"

Driven by her desire to obtain what most people value so highly but few achieve —Ultimate Freedom— she spent some years hustling like crazy, making the same mistakes most new business owners do and learning a lot of hard lessons before she developed the outline to build a thriving Work-from-Home Business and her dream lifestyle.

Now, Cynthia guides people who want to be small business owners through her online workshops. She is dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs uncover the life-changing habits, tools, routines and mindset to experience more everyday personal and entrepreneurial freedom, so they can truly live the life they desire, while running a profitable tutoring business they love.  Tutoring can be done as a hobby to earn a side income ... or, as a part-time or full-time business. And it is what she calls 'PLAN B'.

"Success to me is living the life you want to live.

If you want to spend more time with your family, traveling or both, and you are doing it, then you are successful."

Always loving her home country, Canada, Cynthia has traveled to seventeen countries to date.

"The most beautiful place I have ever been is the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland. 

And the most striking and memorable is Paris, France. I remember returning to the tour bus, and while sitting and waiting for others to arrive, I was staring out from the bus window at the Eiffel Tower, wishing and wondering how I could help hundreds of other people experience what I was experiencing at that moment."  

"Now, a few decades later, I find myself offering people an online course on 'How to Tutor Children World Geography'. I’m showing new Tutors how to set up a Work-from-Home Business to gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and as a result TIME FREEDOM."

Many people think of World Geography as a higher education. But, I want people to look at World Geography as a FUN HOBBY, like scrapbooking and gardening."

Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune ...

Take Your Journey!

"Also, many people will say, it is not the same, learning World Geography (FUN Hobby!) and seeing the real-life Eiffel Tower. But I say, learning World Geography, little by little, is even more amazing. With Armchair Travel, anyone ages 8 and up, at anytime, will learn so much more about the World in a very short amount of time! Armchair Travel will open their eyes!  

And when one does get on an airplane to head for an adventure, that knowledge of World Geography, will enhance their real-life travels tenfold … They will have the best of both worlds." 

And as fun facts, Cynthia has won a Mathematics contest for all high schools in her province when she was in grade 9, won three regional Chess tournaments and came very close to being in the Guinness Book of World Records for a small project that grew exponentially.

“I also live with a great man who everyone adores. So folks, I wouldn’t be here without him!”

Cynthia is passionate about helping people create a business that lets them truly live their ideal lifestyle, enjoy their World, and chase all the adventure and freedom they could ever want.

“If I had my wish, there would be one World Geography Tutor in every community across Canada and USA. Every community has a guitar teacher, a hairdresser, an accountant, there would also be a World Geography Tutor.  

What if we had a World Geography Tutor in every community around the World?  I met a women who immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia and she said that when she was young, her community did not have a computer or TV and that they would go to their community center to learn World Geography. ”

“I show adults how they can LEARN World Geography (little by little) 

and I help them set up a self-employed Home-Based Business, 

so that they can SHARE the same World Geography, 

that they learnedwith Children in their Community!"