Geography Coach


The GC Advocate Program is a referral program that simultaneously offers a DISCOUNT PROGRAM and REWARD PROGRAM.   'GC' stands for 'Geography Coach'.

The GC Advocate Program has two commission levels: GC Advocate and GC Advocate Manager.


Who can be a GC Advocate?

Anyone over 18 years of age can join to be a GC Advocate.  To create a GC Advocate account is easy and free.  Once registered, your GC Referral Code will be sent to you automatically and tracking for the REWARDS system will take place immediately.  But, please allow 48 hours for Admin to set up your GC Referral Code for the $40 CDN DISCOUNTS in a separate software.  You will receive an email confirming that the set up for the DISCOUNT system has been completed.

To register for a GC Referral Code, click the 'JOIN NOW!' button and complete the registration form on the new web page.


Why register for a GC Referral Code?

Share your GC Referral Code with anyone across Canada, the United States and around the World, anytime.  Meet people face-to-face or use Social Media to share your GC Referral Code.  When your GC Referral Code is entered by someone who enrolls with the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop  on 'How to Tutor Children World Geography (as a FUN Hobby!)', tracking occurs between you, the GC Advocate, and the person who entered your GC Referral Code, the Invitee (Tutor in training).  The following shows the benefits for both the GC Advocate (you) and Invitee (Tutor in training):

GC Advocate Rewards:

  • You can give anyone, across Canada, the United States and around the World, the same $40 CDN DISCOUNT with the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop Regular price is $480 CDN and they will pay only $440 CDN.

What are the MONETARY REWARDS for a GC Advocate (Level 1)?

  • You will earn a GC Advocate Fee of $80 CDN for every Invitee (Tutor in training) who both, enrolls using your GC Referral Code and completes the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop.  Celebrate with the knowledge that YOU helped place a World Geography Tutor in a Community somewhere around the World.

  • You will earn an ADDITIONAL GC Advocate BONUS of $400 CDN for every 5 Invitees who enroll using your GC Referral Code and complete the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop for a total of $800 CDN (5 Invitees x $80 + $400 BONUS).  Celebrate with the knowledge that YOU helped place 5 World Geography Tutors in Communities around the World.


Invitee (Tutor in Training) Rewards:

  • With your GC Referral Code, they will receive a $40 CDN DISCOUNT towards the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop.  Regular price is $480 CDN and they will pay only $440 CDN.


Tell your Family, Friends, and Social Media Friends. 

Share this link, 

Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop

with your GC Referral Code.

People are looking for 

Work-from-Home Opportunities.          


And, Communities NEED World Geography Tutors.



Who can be a GC Advocate Manager?

Any GC Advocate who wants to take Geography Coach’s referral marketing to the next level, can be a GC Advocate Manager.  Therefore, anyone who has a GC Referral Code.  And, they can begin the 3-part training for the GC Advocate Manager level immediately.  This is an ideal opportunity for people who are interested in ‘Marketing and Sales’ and who believe in our cause of promoting a strong knowledge of World Geography for children in Communities across Canada, the USA and around the World.

Same as with the GC Advocate level, a GC Advocate Manager is self-employed and payment is commission-based. 

Why become a GC Advocate Manager?

The advantages of being a GC Advocate Manager is that it allows you to build a productive team of GC Advocates and GC Advocate Managers below you.  Being promoted to GC Advocate Manager is easy to do and allows you to share your knowledge with others who want to work-from-home and earn a side income.


What are the MONETARY REWARDS as a GC Advocate Manager (Level 2)?

As indicated above, a GC Advocate (Level 1) receives a GC Advocate Fee of $80 CDN (earned income) for each new Tutor (‘Invitee’ who enrolls using their GC Referral Code and who completes a 4-Session Online Workshopand a GC Advocate BONUS of $400 CDN (earned income) for every 5 new Tutors.  This Level 1 continues to apply for GC Advocate Managers.

Additionally, at Level 2, the GC Advocate Manager will receive a GC Advocate Manager BONUS of $80 CDN (passive income) for each GC Advocate Fee paid out to their direct team.  For example, if your direct team enrolled 15 new Invitees (Tutors in training) who completed the Geography Coach 4-Session Online Workshop in a current month, you, as their GC Advocate Manager, will earn a GC Advocate Manager BONUS of $1,200 CDN (15 x $80 CDN) as passive income in that month.  

With the GC Advocate Program, we are reforming society one Community at a time by introducing two (2) Work-from-Home Opportunities for financial rewards:

1.  Being a GC Advocate to show people how they can help promote our MISSION of placing Tutors for World Geography in Communities across Canada, the United States and around the World, by being either a GC Advocate, a Tutor, or both.


2.  Being a Tutor for World Geography (FUN Hobby!) to Children in Communities across Canada, the United States and around the World.

Our GOAL is to improve people’s lives, ages 8-108, with a strong knowledge of World Geography. To be the catalyst in Communities and to empower Families with BETTER EDUCATION & BETTER FINANCES!  So that people we connect with, both online and offline, can prosper in life.


Did you click 'JOIN NOW!' to register as a GC Advocate? 

If YESwhen you are ready to begin your 3-part training as a GC Advocate, complete the form below.  Training is FREE! And, we will connect you with an existing GC Advocate Manager.

* Please enter both YOUR GC Referral Code and the PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU’s GC Referral Code above.  If you do not have a GC Referral Code for one or both, simply enter ‘N/A’ (not applicable) for the GC Referral Code that you do not have.  This will help us to guide you.