Geography Coach

About the MAP Team

Geography Coach has a Facebook Group called, the MAP Team, which is a Community that empowers our MAP Team Members and their Families with better education on World Geography and introduces two (2) Work-from-Home Opportunities for financial rewards: 

1.  Being a GC Advocate* and helping promote our MAP Team MISSION by introducing MAP Team Members to how they can be either a GC Advocate, a Tutor, or both.

*Learn more about the GC Advocate Program here.


2.  Being a Tutor for World Geography (FUN Hobby!) to children in communities across Canada and the United States.

The MAP Team’s aim is to raise awareness about the importance of a solid knowledge of World Geography! And to turn geographic illiteracy on its head!

Our goal is to empower Children, Individuals, Families and Communities with a strong knowledge of World Geography.  And, to show people that we have the tools and resources to turn geographic illiteracy around in a very short period of time while also sparking the JOY of Exploring.



TIP:  If the video does not start or is spooling, allow 1-2 minutes for uploading and drag the 'horizontal scroll bar (with timer)' forward to give it a 'push start'.

NOTE:  Your questions, after you watch the 'MAP Team - Orientation Video', will be very different than your questions that you have now.


The MAP Team is a ‘Private’, ‘Hidden’, ‘Social Learning Group’, which are Facebook terms.  This means not everyone can join our Facebook Group, the MAP Team, and it is not searchable.  You must be invited by an existing MAP Team Member.  And this will naturally build a stronger online Community.  Those who LOVE TO EMPOWER CHILDREN are welcome into the MAP Team!

Would you love to be part of our Facebook Group, the MAP Team?  If, yes:

1)  Talk with the person who introduced you to me, Cynthia Morris or Geography Coach. 

2)  Ask if they are part of the Facebook Group called the 'MAP Team’.

    • If YES,

      • Connect as a ‘Friend’ on their Facebook Profile.

          • NOTE: You will need to first be ‘Friends’ on Facebook.

      • Then, request that they send you an INVITE to the MAP Team.  Allow 48 hours.
    • If they are NOT a Member of the MAP Team or did not respond:
      • Connect as a ‘Friend’ on my Facebook Profile. 
      • Then, complete the form below to request that I send you an INVITE to the MAP Team.  Allow 48 hours.

Once you receive the invitation to the Facebook Group, the MAP Team, click ‘Join Group’ on your Facebook Profile under the ‘Notifications’ (the ‘bell’ icon in the top right corner). 

If you are a Tutor or Parent and DO NOT join the MAP Team, you are missing a BIG OPPORTUNITY, because we promote our World Geography Tutors.

You can even do a ‘Search’ inside our Facebook Group, the MAP Team, for your town or the town closest to you and see if anyone in the MAP Team lives near you. 

If YES, message them.  If you are a Tutor, offer your services to the Parents in your Community.  If you are both Tutors, work together and develop after school programs, and so on.